This process began as an independent sound study in which Dan Dennis and I studied the works of R. Murray Shafer, Mladen Dolar, Roland Barthes, Jean-Luc Nancy, Thomas Turino, John Cage, and Franz Kafka. I was perplexed by the ominous, oppressive, and hypnotic qualities of the inner voice or what one hears as the inner monologue. I knew that there was a duality to this voice. It seemed like there was a constant war in my mind between two modern dieties: healing & disorder. I knew that the world is composed of natural rhythms (the sun and the moon, the tide of the ocean) the same way our bodies have rhythms (heartbeat, breath, footsteps, nervous system). We have learned to measure these rhythms. However, there is still so little about the mind we understand. What if we could learn to measure the way the mind ebbs and flows the way we have learned to measure time? Maybe then we would be able to control the oppressive power of the inner monologue, where disorder and dysfunction thrive. In this piece I explore my personal struggle with the voice and how it began to control my mind and, as a result, my body.